N-acetylcysteine Supplements To Treat Bipolar Depression

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) supplements have been getting a good amount of attention from the mental health field recently, both from patients and professionals. In particular, it’s now being recognized for use in patients with bipolar disorder. At least one double blind placebo study has shown positive results regarding the use of NAC to treat the depression aspect of bipolar buy modafinil uk. And this is an aspect of bipolar disorder that’s extraordinarily hard to treat for many patients, myself included.

What is N-acetylcysteine? How does it help with bipolar depression?

The purpose of NAC supplements lies in the amino acid cysteine. Each of the amino acids carry out a different function and they are all important because protein is important. We need to eat protein and protein is made up of amino acids. Some may be labeled as essential or non-essential but they all do something.

NAC supplements help us get cysteine in an efficient manner. What does cysteine do that makes is useful in helping combat bipolar depression and other mental illnesses? Cysteine is a necessary ingredient when it comes to the production of glutathione, an anti-oxidant (a good thing). Some of us suffering from depression are low on this anti-oxidant.

Another possible mechanism by which cysteine works to combat some forms of mental illness is by lowering the amount of glutamate reaching neurons. This is a good thing for those of us with bipolar disorder because many of us suffer from glutamate hyperactivity. Use this link to visit psycheducation.org and get a lot more than what you’re getting here in the way of an explanation of how NAC supplements could help you with your depression or other mental health issue.

There is still very much to be figured out as far as how NAC supplements help those with mental health problems. However, the fact remains that professionals are seriously pushing NAC as a way to help their patients and there are numerous studies to back up its potential efficacy. NAC supplements have been shown to help with mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, OCD, cannabis dependency, cocaine cravings, nicotine usage, gambling addiction, schizophrenia, obsessive hair pulling, autism, and compulsive nail biting among others.

Keep in mind that NAC supplements are relevant when it comes to many physical health issues as well, it isn’t just a supplement useful for the mind. It’s a very interesting dietary supplement to say the least.

Shopping for NAC Supplements

There is more than enough research to warrant an interest in N-acetylcysteine supplementation. It’s a dietary supplement so it doesn’t carry as much baggage as powerful psychiatric medications. It’s relatively cheap. But should you buy an NAC supplement for you own use?

Considering the fact that this supplement is inexpensive and fairly safe at standard doses, it’s worth trying if you suffer to a great extent from the depressive symptoms of bipolar. I know I will be buying some of this stuff for myself as I’ve heard good things from users. I haven’t done nearly enough experimentation with dietary supplements as a means to augment my medications and NAC sticks out because of its unique mechanism of action.

There are certainly other options but as far as where to buy this supplement online I’ll be going with Amazon. I’ve already browsed around and it seems like there are least a couple high quality products based on consumer reviews. It’s convenient, the prices are cheap, and the customer service is top notch.

If N-acetylcysteine supplementation has caught your eye then watch out in the coming weeks for my experience with it as well as an entire section of this site dedicated to the topic of NAC and using these supplements to treat mental illnesses. This alt treatment has really gotten a hold of my interest (the mechanism is interesting and supposed NMDA receptor activity in particular) and I plan on investing a good amount of time researching and writing.

N-acetylcysteine is far from a miracle supplement to cure your bipolar depression but it is progress among an alternate approach to psychiatric treatment. Exploring options other than our current pharmaceutical heavy approach to mental health treatment is a must for better solutions. What do you think about the use of NAC and other supplements to treat depression and other ailments?